The Battle of Pea Ridge

Views from Osterhaus's perspective, present day

March 8, 1862: Leetown

Pea Ridge: infantry position

Osterhaus positioned his infantry behind the fence along the south side of this large field. Leetown is left down the ross otherwise specified.

Pea Ridge: McCulloch's view of Osterhaus's cavalry

McCulloch's view of Osterhaus's cavalry and flying battery setting up at the north edge of the strip of trees. McCulloch's cavalry made a wild charge across this wheat field and routed them.

Pea Ridge: Osterhaus's cavalry came

Osterhaus's cavalry came pouring out of trees on right across the cornfield, overrunning their own batteries in retreat.

Pea Ridge: Osterhaus's view

Osterhaus's view toward the strip of trees. McCulloch and McIntire fell at the edge of the trees.

Pea Ridge10

One of Davis's guns was taken in Hebert's charge from Morgan's woods. Osterhaus then right wheeled his regiments in the middle of the field under fire, along with Davis's brigade chasing the Southerners back and retrieving the gun.

March 9, 1862: Pea Ridge


Osterhaus chose Welfly's knoll, slight rise in center background, as best site for Sigel's artillery. Tavern is out of picture to the right. Curtis HQ to the left out of picture.

Pea Ridge: Big Mountain

Big Mountain from Osterhaus's position. His battery took out a Confederate gun emplacement up there. Tavern out of picture to the right.

Pea Ridge: confederate gun emplacement

Confederate gun emplacement on Big Mountain, looking south across the field at the long blue line spread out almost a mile. Tavern to the left in woods; Leetown to the right a mile or two.

Pea Ridge: ordnance used in battle

Ordnance used in battle: L to R: 12 lb solid shot, cannister, case shot, 6 lb solid shot.

Pea Ridge: Elkhorn Tavern

Elkhorn Tavern, where Union forces converged in victory. The Cox family spent the battle in the basement watching blood drip through the floorboards as surgery went on above them.

Pea Ridge: Telegraph Road

Telegraph Road, looking north toward edge of hollow. Osterhaus chased the fleeing rebels several miles into Missouri on this road.

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